DIY: Yarn Pom Poms

Over the years, I’ve grown to crave simple, recycleable gift wrapping, especially around the holidays. There is something just so charming about plain brown paper with a pretty ribbon or string (that could be reused afterward!).

This year, I’m including handmade pom poms with my packages — a little something extra for the tree, door knob, key chain, or new plaything for kitty.

All you will need is some yarn and a pair of scissors. Easy, peasy!

20131218-115024.jpgHere’s what you need to do:

1) Cut a 12″ long piece of yarn. Set aside.

2) Wrap some yarn around your fingers until it becomes a fat donut. The fatter the donut, the more puffy the pom pom will be.

3) Carefully remove the yarn bundle from your fingers and tie the center of the bundle tightly with the piece of cut yarn. Secure with a double knot.

4) Using a pair of scissors, cut through the center of all the loops, creating a shaggy pouf.

5) Trim down the pouf until you’ve reached the desired shape/size.

6) And voila! You’ve got yourself a pom pom.


6 thoughts on “DIY: Yarn Pom Poms

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