DIY: Gold Elephant Ring Holder

Lately, I noticed that I have amassed quite the collection of stacking rings but neglected to wear them because they’re hidden away in my jewelry box. I then came across ISpyDIY’s post on dino ring holders and realized this was the perfect solution! So I popped into Michael’s to look for dinosaur toys and found a bunch in their dollar section (steggy, bronto, t-rex) but ended up going with this wee baby elephant version instead (I mean, how ridiculously cute, right?).

This is seriously the easiest DIY ever — just paint, dry, and use!

All you need are some gold acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint in metallic yellow gold), a plastic figurine which could hold some rings, a paint brush, and a plastic plate or tray.


Here’s what you need to do: 

1) Wipe down the figurine to remove any dust.

2) Pour out a small amount of gold paint onto the tray and give the figurine a few coats until the gold color is thoroughly opaque, allowing each layer to dry a bit (10-15 minutes) in between applications.


3) Let completely dry for a couple hours.

4) And there you have it. An adorable little ring 
holder that would look great on a nightstand, on top of a dresser, next to a jewelry box, wherever, really! 



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