DIY: Gold Elephant Ring Holder

Lately, I noticed that I have amassed quite the collection of stacking rings but neglected to wear them because they’re hidden away in my jewelry box. I then came across ISpyDIY’s post on dino ring holders and realized this was the perfect solution! So I popped into Michael’s to look for dinosaur toys and found a bunch in their dollar section (steggy, bronto, t-rex) but ended up going with this wee baby elephant version instead (I mean, how ridiculously cute, right?).

This is seriously the easiest DIY ever — just paint, dry, and use!

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DIY: Yarn Pom Poms

Over the years, I’ve grown to crave simple, recycleable gift wrapping, especially around the holidays. There is something just so charming about plain brown paper with a pretty ribbon or string (that could be reused afterward!).

This year, I’m including handmade pom poms with my packages — a little something extra for the tree, door knob, key chain, or new plaything for kitty.

All you will need is some yarn and a pair of scissors. Easy, peasy! Continue reading