Snow Day Pancakes!


There’s nothing quite like a snow day, especially for a Californian like myself! It was great to sleep in late but I finally rolled out of bed, motivated by the thought of homemade pancakes for breakfast. Yum.

I had just picked up milk and eggs before the storm hit, so combined with what I had on hand was able to whip these up in a jiffy.

This recipe is based on Mark Bittman’s “Everyday Pancakes” recipe with a few tweaks for flavor variation.


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Apple Cinnamon Buttermilk Scones

Winter seems to have arrived early this year, sending my baking activities into overdrive.  One night, stuck at home as it was sleeting and snowing outside, I was suddenly struck with the need to bake something, anything. So off I went to rummage around my kitchen. Luckily, I managed to scrounge up just enough ingredients to whip up a small batch of scones based on one of my favorite recipes from Bon AppΓ©tit.

This recipe yields scones that are extremely light and tender due to the buttermilk and are only subtly sweet, the perfect foil for a lovely jam or honey. But they are also great on their own and are absolute heaven still warm from the oven.

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